SM Investors

SM Investors is a hedge fund manager based in New York, United States. SM Investors has $212.12 million in assets under management. They were founded in 1997 and have 2 employees. More details on SM Investors below:

SM Investors Contact Info


SM Investors
509 Madison Avenue, Suite 106,
New York, NY 10028
United States
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Phone: (1)2122972555
Fax: (1)2122972550


SM Investors

Fund Type: hedge fund

# of Clients: 1-10
Incorporation Type: Limited Liability Company

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SM Investors Leadership

Salvatore Muoio, Portfolio Manager

Other Fund Details for SM Investors

Assets Under Management: $212.12 million
SM Investors has $212.12 million in assets under management (AUM)

Number of Employees: 2
Total number of employees for SM Investors are 2

Year Founded: 1997
SM Investors was founded in 1997

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